Bacon Broiled Tilapia in a Peach Vodka Reduction

I had three thoughts this morning while I was waiting at the DMV to renew my plates– I needed to use the tilapia I had, I wanted the crispy succulence that is bacon and I kind of missed my bestie who lives in Atlanta more than usual. The idea for this decadent yet low-carb recipe walked into my head right before #22 for domestic plate renewals popped up on the screen in front of me.

Behold, the delightfully sweet and savory recipe that is Bacon Broiled Tilapia in a Peach Vodka Reduction:


  • 2 large tilapia or similar seafood filets
  • 8-10 slices of bacon
  • 1 oz peach vodka (I like 360 Peach Vodka by McCormick. It’s local to St. Joseph!)
  • Olive Oil Spray (Optional)


  • 1 skillet/frying pan
  • 1 saute pan (Optional, we’ll talk about this)
  • Food processor (I like my Ninja Chopper for this type of dicing)

(Note: If you don’t have a saute pan like I do, just use another skillet/frying pan. I prefer to sear my meats with optimal steam, heat and protection from hot grease.)

Here’s the catch-22 of this recipe: Since most seafood tends to lose a lot of water during cooking, if you want crispier tilapia you’ll need to use the two pan method. I’ll be covering the recipe with the two pan method. However, if you’d like a softer tilapia go ahead and cut out the step in which you sear the tilapia first. Okay? Let’s do this.


  1. Use olive oil or other nonstick spray in the saute pan and sear the tilapia until the filets turn white-ish and the water has cooked out almost completely. Cook it slow and on mid-low heat. This should take 3-5 minutes.
  2. Cook the bacon in the frying pan on medium heat with a lid. We want to retain as much bacon grease as possible.
  3. Take the bacon out of the pan with a fork and place directly into the food processor. Dice the bacon.
  4. Pour bacon grease over the tilapia. Cook on medium heat until the fish is starting to brown on the edges and top.
  5. Add your peach vodka and bacon bits and put the lid on. Turn down the heat and cook until the alcohol smell has dissipated.
  6. Let stand for 1-3 minutes or until oil stops popping.