A Guide to the Icepocalypse

We’re all awaiting the icepocalypse, excuse me Winter Storm Jupiter, that I’m convinced isn’t coming. You’ve got a little while longer to run to Target, and I have the suggestions you need while you’re trapped in your dwelling.

1. Born a Crime – Trevor Noah
I am pro fuzzy blankets and good books during bad weather.

First, a confession: I was initially lukewarm to Trevor Noah leading the Daily Show. I missed Jon Stewart?s straightforward, sarcastic skewering of politics and pop culture. However, I started liking Trevor Noah?s hosting style a lot more after reading his book? it gave context to the calmer, impish tone. Most importantly, it?s worth a read because it gives a narrative to the end of Apartheid and how that segregation still affects South Africa.

2. Charging Wristlet – Banana Republic
Come for the fashion, stay for the technology.

I found this wallet at the Banana Republic on Michigan Avenue in Chicago. I was initially drawn to it because of the pattern and zipper, then lo and behold there was a special charger built into the wallet. The battery life is insane: on NYE, two of us completely recharged our phones and the wallet battery still had power? perfect for being stranded at someone?s house.

3. Overcooked – Ghost Town Games
Technology that actually forces you to talk to the human being next to you? Sign me up.

This seems like the dorkiest game ever until you start playing it. It?s a PS4 version of Diner Dash, except more complicated and coop play. The game is designed so that you literally have to talk to the person you?re playing with so that you can properly prep the ingredients. It?s harder than you think because it speeds up and the recipes become more complicated. Swedish Chef impressions not included.

4. Basil Pesto Hummus – Zoe?s Kitchen
Hummus for people who don?t really like hummus.

I may lose my woman card for this, but I?ve never been obsessed with hummus. I only buy it for two reasons. One, I use it to cut down on mayonnaise in my chicken salad. Two, I buy it when I need to feel like I?m eating ~healthy~ and then maybe eat it once. But this hummus was so pesto-y and delicious that I wanted to eat it with a spoon? it?s perfect for when you want Italian but you need to eat healthy too.

5. Reply All – Gimlet
Old-time storytelling with a modern edge.
For the longest time I didn?t like the idea of podcasts, because I could just listen to the radio. Then I discovered Gimlet. I really like Reply All and Startup because they tell the story of the internet in a way that?s similar to hearing an old story from a relative. This week?s story was about a woman who had recovered from ALS, presumably because of an energy healing. After a doctor heard her story, he started studying the genes behind spontaneous ALS recovery.